The People Behind the Puppies

We are a 2 families that have been long time friends. We all love dogs and have made them our whole lives. We each bred separately for year and decided in 2020 to make a website that we all share. In doing so we are able to focus more time on our dogs and puppies!

All of our adult dogs live inside our homes or with guardian families. 

All puppies are raised with Early Nurological Stimulation and Puppy Culture!

The Bergova's

The Bergova's consist of Mary and Kate. They live in San Diego, CA.

Mary was born in Latvia and grew up helping her mom with one of the only dog rescues in Riga. She has been around all types, sizes, and temperaments of dogs. Mary handles cleaning, feeding, socialization, and training of puppies at the Bergova home. Outside of puppies Mary is a journalist. She enjoys taking our adult dogs on hikes, bike rides, and to dog beach.

Kate comes from generations of dog breeding and AKC showing. All contact about puppies is done through Kate. She runs the website, social media, answers all the phone calls, texts, and emails, sets up meetings, any shipping needed, and pickup days. On top of all that, Kate starts Early Neurological Stimulation and Puppy Culture. Outside of the puppies Kate was a physics researcher but left the job in 2019 to focus on dog training.

The Clark's

The Clark's consist of Kirk and his 3 sons. They live in Los Angeles, CA.

Kirk has been a dog lover his whole life. Puppies bring him and his sons so much joy in their lives. They all play with the puppies daily. Kirk has been trained in dog grooming as well as dog fertility specialties such as AI.

The Clark's have a lovely farm with horses, goats, chickens, and fancy pigeons.

Kirk loves working with the "chocolate" color in poodles which can be seen in his doodle puppies.